Former American hikers imprisoned in Iran support occupiers

Fresh from being sprung from an Iranian prison after spending several not so pleasant years in solitary confinement there, the three American so called hikers who supposedly wandered accidentally into Iran while touring Iraq, praised the useless idiots trespassing on private property and also support prisoners in California.  Oh, what not a surprise.  Three Americans freed after being held in Iran lent their support Monday to the now-global Occupy movement, applauding its participants' idealism and activism while making a specific point to protest what they call the harsh treatment of state prisoners in California. The pleas in California from Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd to their hometown Occupy Oakland crowd supporting scores of prisoners on hunger strikes signify the wide breadth of issues -- and, critics may say, lack of focus -- being addressed by the movement. The trio, who said they experienced long-term solitary confinement in...(Read Full Post)