Coffee and chocolate will disappear due to global warming

That's the message from Starubuck's "Director of Sustainability." Talk about a make-work corporate job! At any rate, the point is, unless we get serious about dealing with global warming, there won't be any coffee in 10 - 20 - 30 years (the date is a little hazy). CBS News: "Coffee likes a pretty narrow range of temperatures, and one of the hallmarks, really, of climate change will be increased extremes in temperatures," Todd Sanford, a climate scientist from the Union of Concerned Scientists, said. Scientists say climate change will cause heavier rains, longer periods of drought, and higher rates of insect infestation in the tropical areas where coffee is grown -- factors that could have a devastating effect on future coffee production. "Those of us who enjoy our morning cup of coffee, we may not always realize that future climate change due to extreme temperatures, increased precipitation, really could in some ways put that at risk," Sanford added. Increased carbon emissions have...(Read Full Post)