Christians aren't going to take it any more in Egypt

There were massive riots in Cairo last night with at least 24 dead and hundreds injured. The rioters were Coptic Christians fed up with Muslims attacking their churches and the authorities standing by and doing nothing. BBC: Egypt's cabinet is set for an emergency meeting and the first funerals of the 24 people who died are to be held. Riots erupted on Sunday after a protest against an attack on an Aswan church. Reports of protesters in Cairo being crushed by military vehicles have heightened tensions further. Sectarian strife has increased in recent months in Egypt. The Copts - who make up about 10% of the population - accuse the governing military council of being too lenient on the perpetrators of a string of anti-Christian attacks. The BBC's Yolande Knell in Cairo says there is pressure on ministers and on the country's military rulers to give assurances about national unity. One can imagine the plight of Christians in Egypt once the Muslim Brotherhood is in charge. The...(Read Full Post)