Chicago police arrest 130 OWS protestors - Where are all the '99 percenters?'

Grant Park in Chicago after 1:00 am is not a safe place. That's why there's a city ordanance that decrees the park closed after that hour. But the Chicago OWS protesters wanted to occupy the park anyway and 130 of them were arrested for their trouble. Chicago Tribune: Chicago police arrested about 130 Occupy Chicago protesters starting about 1 a.m. today after the group returned to Grant Park for the second weekend Saturday night and tried to maintain a camp in the park after its official closing time. Police estimated that the crowd that showed up for a rally earlier in the evening peaked at around 3,000 people by the time protesters arrived in Congress Plaza at Michigan Avenue and Congress Parkway after a march from Federal Plaza in the Loop. As the 11 p.m. park closing approached, more than 100 people decided to stay in Congress Plaza in the park as several hundred more moved onto a nearby sidewalk or across Michigan Avenue, off park district property. Police announced several...(Read Full Post)