Cain gets the 'simple' label from the Washington Post

Oh, no.  Looks like the Washington Post has put the Reagan curse on Herman Cain.  In the lead story in the Post's Friday electronic edition, Post reporter Sandhya Somashekhar characterizes Cain's positions as "simple."  For the smart set - those sophisticates who see nothing but gradations of gray - simple just means "simplistic."  How many times was the great Ronald Reagan pasted with the "simple" label by liberal and Republican establishment detractors? Now it's Cain's turn to be Reagan-simple.  That should buck up Cain considerably.  The Washington Post and New York Times don't give front-page, lead story billing to candidates who they think are marginal.  So simple Herman Cain must be registering with the big complex brains at the Post more than his current good polling suggests.  Somashekhar opines - err, reports: And that has prompted questions about what else he stands for and whether he has the breadth of knowledge -- particularly on...(Read Full Post)