Barbara from Harlem: 'God woke us up!'

There are days when even the most optimistic of us feels drained and overwhelmed by the unprecedented corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration.  The current protests being staged around America (and the World) are particularly disheartening.  Today KMOX in St. Louis reported that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning to disrupt the World Series. Facebook chatter from the protesters suggests they are casting their eyes of Busch Stadium, coveting the national media spotlight surrounding the series. Among the ideas floated among group members online:  A massive rally, pitching tents around Busch Stadium or sending a streaker onto the field during the game "to send a message." The thought of a group of OWS zombies stirring up trouble at the World Series made my blood boil! As I worked my way through today's email I opened a message from my friend and fellow patriot Mary Joestgen which simply said "This is great!"  The You Tube video message...(Read Full Post)