Animal rights group targets carriage horses in the Big Apple

Christmas in New York is a special time and if you're visiting from out of town with someone you're in love with, there is no more romantic gesture than hopping aboard a horse and carriage to take a ride around Central Park or other NY landmarks. Sure, it gets a little cold. But the driver has blankets you can use for warmth - in addition to the heat generated from being close to your special companion. I took that ride once and it was unforgettable. I imagine it's even better during a warm summer's evening. The clippety-clop of the horse's hooves on the pavement a fitting accompaniment to the music your heart is making with your loved one. Leave it to the animal rights loonies to want to ruin all that. They want to replace the horses with electric cars: On Thursday, in a fourth-floor conference room of Manhattan's Hippodrome - where circus horses once performed - Jason Wenig set a model of it across the table from the car's sponsors. "Brass is going to be everywhere, and it's going...(Read Full Post)