About those 5 million 'green jobs' that were supposed to be created...

As a snake oil salesman, Obama would have been a natural. The 19th century hucksters who plyed their patent medicines from town to town would have found a soulmate in this president. That's because only an idiot or a crook would have believed the pledge by candidate Obama to create 5 million green jobs over a decade in which government would spend $150 billion on green energy. Politifact has been checking up on Obama's green jobs pledge. Their last entry is from June where the administration claimed that 225,000 green jobs had been "created or saved." Not surprisingly, Politifact views that number with a jaundiced eye. Besides, it is impossible to quantify because of the nature of what is meant by a "saved" job. No matter. Now we have some real numbers on green jobs and they are far more revealing than any fantasy figures coming from the White House. New York Times: A $500 million green jobs program at the Department of Labor has so far provided only 15 percent of current...(Read Full Post)