A weaker republic

Sarah Palin's decision not to run for president is devasting news for the Republic. America should take Sarah Palin at her word, and family comes first. From tawdry gossip published as fact to assaults on Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, at a club, is it any wonder she decided against exposing her family and grandchildren to further hate and vitriol? As if the news weren't bad enough with the Republic being denied a potentially great president just when needed most, we are doubly wounded with the precedent now well established of how the left can hound our best and brightest from even competing. What does this mean long-term? Every time a constitutional conservative stands up will the media and left-wing haters be allowed to force them to choose between the physical safety of their family and saving our country? Are we to sit idly by and allow the left to turn our most promising and reform-minded leaders into "radioactive" or "toxic" figures the feint-hearted and sunshine patriots are...(Read Full Post)