A convenient arrest?

This isn't exactly getting into tin foil hat territory, but neither can the question about the timing of revealing the arrest of a suspect in the Iranian terror plot be dismissed. An editorial in the New York Post: Certainly, the seriousness of the plot -- at least as outlined in the criminal complaint filed in Manhattan federal court -- can't be denied. It also underscores the continuing danger of the Islamist fifth column in this country -- given that the accused lead conspirator is a naturalized US citizen. But you really have to wonder: Was the bust accelerated? Alleged lead conspirator Manssor Arbabsiar, an Iranian-born naturalized US citizen, has been in federal custody for nearly two weeks since being nabbed at JFK Airport. As recently as last week, he was reportedly confessing all to FBI agents and making incriminating phone calls, monitored by the feds, to his alleged government contact in Iran. The plot itself was said to have been hatched last spring, when Arbabsiar...(Read Full Post)