Wikileaks makes public hundreds of thousands of unredacted State Department docs

The juvenile hackers who run Wikileaks have probably just murdered dozens of people around the world. They have dumped their entire cache of State Department cables into the public domain - without redacting names of informants. How could they do this? How could they finger people who were assisting the US in gathering information and who will almost certainly - in many cases - pay for their help with their lives? Julian Assange and his buddies have the emotional maturity of an 11 year old. This is the psychological profile of most hackers. Even if they are told the consequences of their acts, their stunted development (that got them into hacking in the first place) prevents them from having the same concerns about those consequences as an adult would have. Hence, there is a disconnect between cause and effect. They don't care because, like pre-teens who commit murder, they separate themselves from the act and become observers rather than participants. McClatchy: In its statement,...(Read Full Post)