When 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' actually means life or death

The Iranian news agency ISNA reports the hanging deaths of 3 men convicted of having homosexual sex. Apparently that keeps the nation free of homosexuals as the nation's fearless leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, reported that there are no gays in Iran. I suppose this is one way to keep it that way. Despite the dearth of candidates, Iran's Sharia code does have laws governing how to deal with homosexuals in the event that any show up. According to the Islamic Penal Code Article 108: Sodomy (or Lavat) is sexual intercourse between men; (and Article 110 says) punishment for sodomy is killing; the Sharia judge decides on how to carry out the killing. The Obama administration thus far has been willing to overlook the rapid development of Iranian nuclear weaponry, the brutal repression of the Iranian people, Iranian sponsorship of terror groups, Iranian provision of IED's to Iraqi and Afghan military groups meant to kill American soldiers, and Iranian support for Hamas, the PLO and any...(Read Full Post)