WH more concerned about Solyndra's effect on Obama's reelection campaign than taxpayers' money

At least now we have confirmation of where Obama's priorities lie (at half a billion dollars, an expensive piece of data).  From Mackenzie Weinger at Politico: A White House official worried that the political fallout from pumping more money into solar panel manufacturer Solyndra could pummel President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, according to new emails. The aide wrote that if the Obama administration continued to fund Solyndra - which had received a $535 million loan federal loan in 2009 that internal emails show the White House tried to rush - Obama could suffer the political consequences in 2012, the Washington Post reported. The Office of Management and Budget aide wanted his superiors to warn the Department of Energy of the risks of giving taxpayer money to the beleaguered company, which had told the Obama administration that if it didn't receive more cash, it would default. "The optics of a Solyndra default will be bad," the OMB staffer wrote in an e-mail to a...(Read Full Post)