Wash. Post inverts UN report on flotilla raid to blacken Israel

Let's start with the actual conclusions of the UN report on last year's Israeli commando raid on the Mavi Marmara, the lead Turkish vessel in a flotilla attempting to breach Israel's blockade of Gaza . To wit:  --Israel was within its legal rights to blockade Gaza because of persistent attacks from this Palestinian territory on Israeli towns.  "Israel faces a real threat to its security from militants in Gaza," the report declares.  It calls the blockade a "legitimate security measure."   In this respect, the UN panel -- personally appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon -- completely repudiates an earlier finding by the discredited, anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council that the blockade was illegal. --Violence-bent activists aboard the Mavi Marvara engaged in "reckless" attacks on the commandos descending from a hovering helicopter to the top deck. --Israel was justified in using force to repel this assault on the commandos. --Turkey should have done more...(Read Full Post)