Warmists have new excuse

Oh, ye of little faith! Do you doubt Global Warming? Just because world temps haven't followed the computer models for, ummm, a decade or so? Rejoice! There is an answer. It comes to us courtesy of Reuters, the official home of Eurosocialist superstitions. Like the eurozone, which is also breaking down. Global warming and other euro fantasies going down at the same time? Could this be a coincidence? "Reuters, New York - The mystery of Earth's missing heat may have been solved: it could lurk deep in oceans, temporarily masking the climate-warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions, researchers reported on Sunday. Climate scientists have long wondered where this so-called missing heat was going ... The world temperature should have risen more than it did, scientists at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research reckoned. ... They knew greenhouse gas emissions were rising ... and yet temperatures were not going up as much as projected. So where did the missing heat go? Computer...(Read Full Post)