Walmart Still in NOW's 'Gender-Gap' Crosshairs

Despite emerging victorious from a class action suit alleging sex discrimination, Walmart recently announced costly programs designed to "help empower women across its supply chain." Over the next five years, the mega-company will "source" $20 billion from female-owned American companies and double purchases from global suppliers run by women. Walmart will offer training and specific career opportunities to 60,000 female factory workers to help those women "develop the skills they need to become more active decision-makers in their jobs and for their families." Not enough, says National Organization for Women President Terry O'Neill. In O'Neill's way of thinking, Walmart has committed many past sins for which the company must repent. Spending a mere $20 billion that the company is not legally compelled to spend on women's professional development apparently doesn't scratch the surface layer of required penance. O'Neill wants Walmart to "follow the law, stop discriminating against...(Read Full Post)