Two factual errors in same Wash. Post paragraph, conveying Palestinian spin and myths

The Washington Post, in its Sept. 14 issue, runs a front-page article on the GOP victory in a heavily Democratic congressional district in New York, which manages to inject two pro-Palestinian spins in a single paragraph  ("Republican wins House seat in NY.'' by Paul Kane). Kane notes that the victorious Republican, Bob Turner, made criticism of Obama's stance on Israel a major issue in a district with a heavy Jewish orthodox population. Here's how he conveys this: "The New York race, for a seat representing a large portion of Queens and a slice of Brooklyn, also turned on Obama's handling of Israel and Palestine.  The district's large contingent of Orthodox Jews opposes his proposal for Palestinian statehood drawn around 1967 borders." Wrong on two counts:  -- There is no "Palestine" -- at least not yet, and there won't be any until there's an actual two-state peace agreement.  We're far from that.  Kane, however, seems in a hurry to beat the UN to the...(Read Full Post)