Turmoil in Jordan over WikiLeaks cables

The recent disclosure by WikiLeaks of cables sent by the American Embassy in Amman back in 2008 has created a storm in Jordan.  The King has accused the Americans of meddling in domestic affairs by trying to force an unsolicited change in his kingdom whereby the Palestinians relinquish the "right of return" in exchange for being fully incorporated into Jordanian society.  This perceived affront caused supporters of the King to stage an unprecedented protest against America at its embassy in Amman.  This in turn was followed by calls for a "million-man protest" at the Israeli Embassy in Amman, despite Israel having no connection to the cables. Upon review of the cables, called The Right of Return: What it Means in Jordan, the reaction of the King seems out of proportion.  After all, the cables merely reflect the known positions of the various parties that make up the Jordanian mosaic and how the unresolved issue of "the right of return" plays a central role in the...(Read Full Post)