The Other Side of Obama's Mouth

Just about anyone who isn't a member of the mainstream media or a diehard "hope and change" cultist realizes that Barack Hussein Obama speaks regularly out of both sides of his mouth: promises made and reneged upon; positions taken and walked back from; flip-flops on vital issues; phony pledges of support and loyalty to allies who are then thrown under the bus; and plenty of just plain outright lying, e.g. the current denial that the debunked claim about Buffett and his secretary is really nothing more than the same-old "class-warfare" campaign rhetoric that we became used to in the days of Joe the Plumber. But the latest double-speak has me baffled, at least if I read correctly what the reliable Wall Street Journal reports on the front page of its Tuesday edition. Says the Journal: President Barack Obama threatened Monday to veto any bill that cuts Medicare benefits without increasing taxes on corporations or the wealthy, setting his sharpest boundaries yet in negotiations over...(Read Full Post)