The Obama Legacy

Let the rationalizations begin, but they will be unable to hide reality. President Obama is in a political wreck. Democrat careers are on the line in the upcoming election. Most will be distancing themselves from their once-great meal ticket.  The Recent Election The race to replace Anthony Weiner (truly irreplaceable) is over. Congressional district NY-9 was to have been a slam-dunk for Democrats. It was district that had not elected a Republican for ninety years. It is one of the more liberal districts in the country. It showed that no Democrat is safe anywhere. It proved to be just another chink in the invincible Democrat armor that began with Scott Brown taking the Ted Kennedy seat in Massachusetts.  Lame duck is a term usually applied to a politician when he can no longer run. Even though Obama is eligible to run for a second term, it seems applicable. Perhaps, the way things are shaping up, "dead duck" might be appropriate. The mainstream media is beside itself trying...(Read Full Post)