The 'Good' Revolt in Syria, or Just More Revolting Jihadists?

Adnan al Aroor, moderate, peaceful icon of the Syrian rebellion: Syrian Christians will be dog meat. While Hafez al-Assad ruled Syria in the early 1970s, these were the conditions under which Syrian Jews lived:  Jews were required to live in ghettos and not permitted to travel more than 3 or 4 kiolmeters from their homes. (By contrast 500,000 Muslims visited Lebanon in 1971 alone.) Anyone attempting to flee the country could be jailed and tortured for three months or more. Jews were required to carry identity cards with the word Mussawi (follower of Moses) broadly scrawled in red ink. In Al-Qamishli, Jewish homes and stores were required to bear a red sign (the color connoting uncleanliness). Under a law drafted February 8, 1967, all government employees and members of the Syrian armed forces were barred from trading with any Jewish establishment in Syria. A list of boycotted businesses was supplied by the government. In some instances, Jews were barred from making food...(Read Full Post)