The experiment has failed

Can we, once and for all, admit that our experiment in Obama's post-partisan post racial governance has failed?  Can we agree that elevating political correctness over substance and ability is an abject failure?    We've let it play out long enough.  We've given those who cherish a crease in the pant leg ample opportunity for their guy to shine.  We allowed those who experience a tingle down their spine more than enough slack for the chosen one to transform the nation.  We must recognize the devastating symptoms that allowed for this, so that we don't create the environment for another similar catastrophe or election in the future. Heartfelt crushes and swooning masses simply don't translate into smart political behavior. The experiment, called Obama, was born out of a variety of ailments; from pure partisanship to white guilt to the utter dissatisfaction that comes from a completely dysfunctional government. What was to be a new era in...(Read Full Post)