The Do-Nothing Democrats

"Pass this bill now." Obama is still repeating this slogan ad nauseum. The problem is that after more than two weeks, still no bill has hit the floor for a vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate. So who's to blame for his bill not being passed yet?  BO would have us believe it's Congress and in particular the Republicans, of course. "This Congress, they are accustomed to doing nothing, and they're comfortable with doing nothing, and they keep on doing nothing," President Obama complained at a September 15 Democratic National Committee gathering in a private Washington residence. Obama spent the summer alternating between campaigning and luxe-vacationing and found time for a quick speech and the unveiling of a vague stimulus spending plan before heading back out for another month or more of campaigning.  And he has the audacity to refer to Congress as do-nothing? There is no adult in the room. Deroy Murdock at the National Review rightly points out that we may have a...(Read Full Post)