The Chris Christie tease intensifies

Last night's Reagan Library address by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did nothing to indicate if he will throw his hat into the presidential race, and seemed to be designed as a tease. It sounded a lot like a campaign speech, and a damn good one at that. After watching George W. Bush get hammered by the media for 8 years, unwilling and perhaps unable to fire back and speak over the heads of the press, the GOP base is salivating for a candidate able to speak clearly, directly, and forcefully to the American people. The high point of the evening came when a woman in the balcony begged Christie to run, and the crowd gave a rousing round of applause. Yet Christie responded in a noncommittal way worthy of Sally Rand's fan dance -- beguiling, yet revealing nothing critical. So what is the governor up to? Is this a clever way to allow momentum to build, while avoiding the hazards of being a target for other candidates? He must know that some of his positions (global warming, jihad) will...(Read Full Post)