'Solar Panels in the Hood' And Other Van Jones Scams

The mainstream media has conspicuously omitted Obama's former green jobs czar Van Jones from their news reports on the Solyndra scandal but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be "under suspicion." When Jones was appointed back in 2009 as special adviser to the President, Phil Angelides, chairman of the Apollo Alliance praised his fellow non-profiteer.  He will help shape the administration's clean energy and climate policy by producing high-quality, career track jobs that give all Americans an opportunity to share in new prosperity. The appointment of Van Jones as special advisor on green-collar jobs is evidence of President Obama's determination to pursue a new economic development strategy, founded on the principles of clean energy and good jobs. Jones, who helped get the Green Jobs Act passed in 2007 along with then Representative Hilda Solis (now Secretary of Labor), was a former board member of the National Apollo Alliance. Apollo helped write and pass the initiative creating...(Read Full Post)