Socialists in historic French electoral victory: What does it mean?

Ordinarily I wouldn't trouble you with such mundane political news from abroad, although it should be said that conservatives have controlled the upper chamber in France since 1958. What this illustrates is that for the next decade, at least, we are going to see these wild swings in voter sentiment as democratic peoples cast about for someone - anyone - to solve the mess we're in. There is a chance that the Democrats will win back control of the House in 2012. AT Political Correspondent Rich Baehr will tell you that at this point, it is a slim one. But a lot of those freshman GOP House members were elected in a rising tide in largely Democratic districts. The natural equilibrium once re-established will knock many of them off. Coupled with the usual number of open seats due to death and retirement, and the possibility of a House flip is there. This at a time when the GOP has an extremely good chance to take the senate!And we are seeing the same thing happen in Europe. Those on the...(Read Full Post)