Shadow of Europe's communist past haunts Greek/euro-zone debt crisis

It's an overlooked aspect of the euro-zone debt crisis and Greece's probable default -- the hand that former European communists (now top members of the European Parliament) had in creating the euro-zone's command-and-control economic system along with the trappings of a common (and dubious) European culture. Now it's all coming apart -- a calamity that's threatening the viability of the euro-zone and rattling the global economy.   The quest for a united Europe -- one with a common currency (the euro) along with a single flag and anthem, was in retrospect a project for dreamers. And as Eurosketpics have said all along, the dreamers were European elites with autocratic tendencies.   So perhaps it's not surprising to learn that a number of the elites who constructed a utopian political and economic union for Europe have something in common: communism.   This explains in part why headstrong Euro elites recklessly expanded the European...(Read Full Post)