Selling cars (or not)

Chevy Runs Deep?  This one wasn't running at all!   Is America in permanent decline a new selling point?  Open to a 1950s style auto repair place in an almost empty commercial part of town.  There are no signs on the other buildings,  Are they all closed?   There is a young man waiting outside.  There are no othercustomers, no cars parked outside awaiting repair or customer pickup.  No signs of life means it is the last place you'd take your car to in the real world.  It's so lifeless there aren't even leaves on the trees in the background!  When the bad news is delivered the wife and young son appear out of nowhere.  The young man decides to waste money repairing a Chevy truck that is older than he is entirely for nostalgia reason. When we last see the young family they are walking into this seemingly deserted commercial section of town.  If the old truck is completely broken down how did the whole family get...(Read Full Post)