School Vouchers, as Seen by the Opposition

Paul Cooper has just written an interesting article for Pajamas Media about Indiana's expansion of the use of school vouchers.  As Mr. Cooper points out, school vouchers should appeal to both liberals and conservatives...but they don't.  As he puts it: Conservatives appreciate the fact that more choice and competition are created, while some on the left are happy that many children of lower incomes will be able to attend better schools. Even the Huffington Post has an article supporting the new Indiana voucher system. So what's the opposition? Those in opposition are, of course, the usual suspects: the public-school teachers' unions and the ACLU. Understandably, the teachers don't want to see any reduction in their share of tax revenues, which are currently allocated to Indiana's public schools (and obviously to the teachers that work for Indiana's public schools).  It's hard to argue with teachers, or the employees of any organization, who argue against...(Read Full Post)