Public sector employees need protection from government, but we don't?

Liberals encourage public sector employees to mistrust government while they encourage the rest of us to embrace government control. Liberal leaders teach that the reason unions are necessary is that employers, being self-interested, have an incentive to keep employee pay and benefits at a minimum in order to maximize profits.  That is to say, management can't be trusted to deal fairly with workers because the interests of management are contrary to the interests of workers. Liberals also believe that government employees should be unionized. Contrast this with the simultaneous liberal belief that the government is the guardian of the rights of the common man, and that citizens can trust the government to be the ultimate fair arbiter that will protect the working man from the deficiencies of capitalism and individualism.  The current liberal belief is that we can trust government to protect us by ensuring that laws, regulations, health care delivery, tax policy, fees,...(Read Full Post)