Palin still cagey about run

I'm beginning to wonder if this coy little dance with voters regarding whether she will run for president or not isn't damaging her futire prospects. The Hill: The audience at the Iowa Tea Party of America rally on Saturday chanted "Run Sarah, Run!" but former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin still won't say if she will be a candidate for president. Palin instead unleashed an attack on "corporate crony capitalism" which she says has flourished under President Obama. She raised asked the audience to question the current GOP presidential candidates about their donors and what they expect in return for election. The former governor never mentioned specific Republicans by name, but she touted what she said was her successful battle against Big Oil in Alaska. This implicitly sets up a contrast with front-runner Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), a major advocate for his home state's petroleum industry. "You must vet a candidate's record," she urged supporters. Nonetheless, Palin cried out "drill here,...(Read Full Post)