Osama's bodyguard freed by our Pakistani allies

I would have put the word "allies" in quotes except State Department guidelines won't allow it. Yes they are our allies, by gum, and even though they collude with terrorists to kill American citizens and soldiers, that's only because we don't understand them. Using terrorist groups as an arm of state policy is normal. Don't all allies do this kind of thing? And releasing the bodygaurd of your ally's most hated enemy is none of our damn business. Telegraph: Amin al-Haq, who escaped from Afghanistan with the al-Qaeda leader in 2001 and went on to become a key financial aide, was detained in Lahore three years ago by Pakistan's intelligence agency. A senior security source in the north-western Pakistani town of Peshawar, where he had been held, said the Inter-Services Intelligence agency had passed al-Haq on to the police before he was released earlier this month. "Amin al-Haq had been arrested mistakenly, therefore, the police failed to prove any charge of his association with Osama...(Read Full Post)