One day re-hire yields taxpayer millions for Chicago union boss

Meet Dennis Gannon, poster child for public employee union greed. Jason Grotto of the Chicago Tribune lays out the amazing tale of how the bankrupt city of Chicago (which received a billion dollars of stimulus money to pay its bills)  is providing a lavish retirement of a union boss, through manipulation and the help of Democrat pols: ...his city pension is more than modest. It's the highest of any retired union leader: $158,000. That's roughly five times greater than what the typical retired city worker receives.In fact, his pension is so high that it exceeds federal limits and required the city pension fund to file special paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service to give it to him. Like other labor leaders, he was able to take a long leave from a city job to work for a union and then receive a city pension based on a high union salary.But in a new twist, a Tribune/WGN-TV investigation has found that Gannon is eligible for the lucrative pension deal only...(Read Full Post)