Obama's 'Mission Accomplished'?

Nicholas Kristof, one of Obama's most enthusiastic cheerleaders at the New York Times, published a column from Libya on August 31, 2011 in which he declares the NATO Libyan operation a success. (Before you ask, it's difficult to single out any Times staffer from the Gray Lady's herd of Obama sycophants, but Kristof is as egregious an example as any.) In his piece, Kristof  breathlessly relates his interactions with Libyans expressing their gratitude to President Obama. Kristof: "Tripoli now feels reasonably safe. The biggest menace comes not from Qaddafi militias but from rebels firing automatic weapons into the air in celebration." If a New York Times Op-Ed writer can tour areas of Libya, the war is unquestionably over, right? Or is it? Clearly, Kristof is spending no time in areas still experiencing significant fighting or where black Africans are being slaughtered by the Libyan rebels. George Friedman of Stratfor Global Intelligence doesn't share Kristof's rosy view of the...(Read Full Post)