Obama's Big Game and the Band's a No-Show...

Washington Post columnist, Dana Milbank, may have revealed more than he realized with his recent column on the Obama speech. Aptly entitled,  "The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency," Milbank describes the general air of unconcern and overt Republican disrespect in the House chamber leading up to and throughout the One's much-ballyhooed but barely warmed over proposal.  Liberal Milbank, who recently has become lukewarm as an Obama cheerleader, even cites several examples of Democrat misbehavior to reinforce his assertion of the president's declining influence.  However, the most damning proof of his premise comes with this paragraph: Presidential addresses to Congress are often dramatic moments. This one felt like a sideshow.  Usually, the press gallery is standing-room-only; this time, only 26 of 90 seats were claimed by the deadline. Usually, some members arrive in the chamber hours early to score a center-aisle seat; 90 minutes before Thursday's speech, only...(Read Full Post)