Obama 'small donor' fundraising is lagging

Barack Obama may have revolutionized fundraising on the internet in 2008, but 2012 is a different story. The New York Times: Through June 30, the close of the most recent campaign reporting period, more than 552,000 people had contributed to Mr. Obama's re-election effort, according to campaign officials. Half of them were new donors, and nearly all of them gave contributions of less than $250. But those figures obscured another statistic: a vast majority of Mr. Obama's past donors, who number close to four million, have not yet given him any money at all. The campaign is still in its early stages, and the president is likely to show far stronger numbers than any Republican when the candidates report their third-quarter fund-raising early next month. But his recent political difficulties - a protracted battle over raising the national debt limit, sagging approval ratings - have raised questions about whether he will be able to sustain his fund-raising momentum. "He did not articulate...(Read Full Post)