NY-09: The real take-away

J. Robert Smith
Democrats aren't trying really hard to spin yesterday's loss in Anthony Weiner's old U.S. House seat.  Yes, Weiner's bizarre sextexting scandal certainly didn't help Democrats, but in a congressional district so overwhelmingly Democratic -- since the 1920s, no less - a suitable Democrat should have held the seat with little trouble.  Instead, veteran state legislator David Weprin lost handily to Republican rookie and retired businessman Bob Turner.  The reason?  In a word, turnout.  Only 22% of registered voters chose to turnout in yesterday's special, enabling Republicans, Republican-leaners, and the district's significant Orthodox Jewish population to have disproportionate impacts on the election outcome.  Republican Turner very smartly focused his campaign on two issues: the economy, or Barack Obama's abysmal handling of the economy, and Israel, or Barack Obama's insistence that Israel return to its 1967 borders (suicidal for Israelis). The real...(Read Full Post)