Not just a recession, stagnation

One of the outcomes of this protracted recession is a lack of mobility for the average worker. We all know it is harder to find a job, but even once that job is procured, what about advancement? The lack of growth and expansion of most small businesses leaves little room for advancement, not to mention that people are afraid to change jobs or retire early. Say that your son or daughter graduated from college a year ago, and they finally get an entry level position; five years later they are still doing the same job. Yes they are one of the lucky ones to get a job but how happy are they?  How's their "hope and change" now?  The bigger question is how do we reach these 22 year olds with the message that real hope stems from free markets and capitalism? How do we get them to realize that they are unemployed or trapped in dead-end jobs because of government programs like Fannie Mae, the burden and uncertainty of ObamaCare and the progressives' anti-capitalist agenda?  With...(Read Full Post)