New York Times Doing What They Do Best on Obama's U.N. Speech

The Washington Post headlines that Obama's speech at the U.N. was his strongest yet in support of Israel, but the New York Times doesn't like the speech one bit.  In fact, the Times spreads its utter distaste across no fewer than three articles in its September 22 "news section."  The only one of the three articles that even remotely deals with the contents of Obama's speech is relegated to the inside. The main front-page article instead is all about Obama isolating himself at the U.N., abdicating his global role as the primary Mideast peace mediator, and letting himself be dragged along by an uncompromising Israeli government. The other front-page piece is an adoring profile of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, depicted as a peace-seeker betrayed by Obama: At times, this moody, brooding man seems to have found a kind of liberation, evident in a spring in his step, in deciding to defy Washington and force his people's plight into...(Read Full Post)