MSNBC Distorts its Own Poll

Occasionally the MSM slips up and provides concrete proof of bias that is just too obvious to ignore. Wednesday night after the Republican debate, MSNBC conducted an internet straw poll to gauge the results. On its web site under the heading "First Read" the question was asked "Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library?" The poll results were presented in the form of a bar chart displayed with the accompanying data alongside. The results were clear: Ron Paul was the winner, and by a big margin. How big? By more than double -- that's right, Mr. "Unelectable" beat Mitt Romney by 43.5% to 21.5%. The next runner up to Ron Paul was Rick Perry, with 16.4%. But if you looked at the accompanying bar chart on the MSNBC web site showing the relative magnitude of votes for the candidates in the polling, it showed what almost looked like a photo finish at Aqueduct raceway - nearly too close to call. Now a lot of folks will give the benefit of the doubt to MSNBC and say that...(Read Full Post)