Mr. Boehner, Here's Your Jobs Bill

Obama has the upper hand in the public debate.  Boehner can get it back fast. Although it isn't by large numbers, a recent Gallup poll shows Americans favor a jobs bill similar to the one proposed by President Obama, probably because Americans generally want something done, even if they don't know what.  Additionally, by small majorities, they have bought into Obama's call for taxing wealthy people to help pay for it.  My guess is most Americans don't really want to tax wealthier Americans, but feel the current employment crisis calls for extraordinary measures. Obama is riding this pony as far as he can take it.  He and his cohorts in the MSM are successfully painting the GOP as stubborn obstructionists.  They dwell on Grover Norquist and his no new taxes pledge as irresponsible and uncooperative.  Of course, whether you call it stubborn or determined depends upon your point of view.  Nevertheless, the unbendable position of the GOP plays right into...(Read Full Post)