More bad news for Obama: 64% of undecideds disapprove of him

Rasmussen reports that among those who wish to see a third party, or other candidate emerge in the GOP race, 64% disapprove of the president. Why is this a significant group? In a close race, it is how the undecideds break that last week of the campaign that tells the tale. And if they are going to break 2-1 against Obama, he better start planning his presidential library: Recent polling shows President Obama attracting between 39% and 46% of the vote against a variety of potential Republican challengers. Despite those relatively low levels of support, the president has never trailed a Republican by more than three percentage points and has enjoyed large double-digit leads in some match-ups. But always there are a decent number of voters who say they prefer a third option or are undecided. Currently, among those who are undecided, just 34% approve of the way the president has handled his job, while 64% disapprove. Among those who prefer a third option rather than Obama or a...(Read Full Post)