Militant Islamic Awareness Week Begins on 9/11

Islamic Awareness Week is an ongoing project of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which has chapters at many universities.  One web site quotes an organizer as saying, "Islamophobia is causing fear in people's mind and their heart about Islam, and that's basically what we are trying to cure." While most American Muslims are part of the cure, a substantial and vocal minority are unfortunately part of the illness. Muslims like Egyptian immigrant Mahmoud Fahmy are examples of the solution. "Post 9/11, anti-Muslim feelings in community seen as rare" (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 9/10/11) quotes him on those who perpetrate violence under color of Islam: "These people defile my religion. They debase my religion. These people are not Muslims." In addition, spectacular examples like 9/11 to the contrary, most victims of violence perpetrated under color of Islam are Muslims. Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini killed no less than 800,000 Muslims for being Shiites and Sunnis...(Read Full Post)