Manufacturing Consensus

America is drowning in a river of rules.  As the President's approval numbers go down, the manic production of new regulations rises to a fever pitch in case the liberal last chance is afoot.  According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, 3,752 new rules were created last year and there are 4,225 new ones in some stage of preparedness. These rules vary from the absurd, such as regulating that dolls of 3 different races must be represented in day care centers to far more substantive power grabs. The list of aggressively abusive implementations of a "social justice" agenda is very long and growing fast. Just a few examples: The New Hampshire News ("Fishermen Say Regulations Destroying Industry" New Hampshire News, May 10, 2011) reported on the Obama  Administration's "catch-share" regulatory system: "Catch-shares allot a specific amount of fish that can be caught, and once that number is hit, the fishermen have to stop fishing for the season.... Bob...(Read Full Post)