Lost My Appetite for Olive Garden

Looks like I won't be eating at Olive Garden anymore.  In addition I won't be eating at Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze or Seasons 52, all Darden Restaurants.  I have now added them to my list of government suck-ups.  (And I normally can't stand the expression "suck-ups", but in this case no other one will do.) On September 15, 2011 Darden Restaurants decided to collaborate with Michelle Obama's childhood anti-obesity campaign. They have announced that they will reduce the amount of calories and sodium in its menu by 20% over the next ten years.   It just so happens (I am just positive that this is no coincidence) that Darden Restaurants received a waiver on October 26, 2010 that allows them to avoid some of the insurance mandates of ObamaCare. Darden Restaurants most likely know that the handwriting is on the wall.  They must know that the increased health insurance costs due to ObamaCare will greatly hurt their...(Read Full Post)