Labor Dept. power grab rewards Obama's union allies

In a stealthy bureaucratic move, an Obama political appointee is rewriting rules to enrich unions, economically harm developers, and hinder future construction.   The Washington Post takes Obama's Labor Department to task for deciding "with a stroke of a bureaucrat's pen" to reward unions while imposing crippling costs on everyone else . The issue involves one of unions' favorite pieces of legislation: The Davis-Bacon Act.  The 1931 Act has required contractors to pay construction workers "prevailing wages" for construction projects involving "public buildings or public works' funded by the federal government or by the District of Columbia. The prevailing wages usually mean the highest union wages for that community.  As an aside, this is one reason why Obama prefers government expansion: funding for the government comes with many strings attached -- especially the one that requires federal funds be used in ways that empower unions-regardless of the costs to...(Read Full Post)