Israeli ambassador leaves Cairo as protestors storm embassy

This is only going to get worse. Once the Muslim Brotherhood has control of the government of Egypt - and all signs point in that direction - you wouldn't be able to pay me enough to be an Israeli diplomat in Cairo or anywhere else. Reuters: Israel flew its ambassador home from Cairo on Saturday after protesters stormed its embassy building, plunging Egypt's military rulers into their worst diplomatic crisis since they took over from Hosni Mubarak. Three people were killed and 1,049 wounded in clashes between protesters and police, the Health Ministry said. The United States, which has poured billions of dollars of military aid into Egypt since it made peace with Israel in 1979, urged Cairo to protect the embassy after protesters hurled embassy documents and the Israeli flag from windows. "Our dignity has been restored," said Mohi Alaa, 24, a protester who was speaking near the site of overnight clashes with police around the building that houses the Israeli embassy. Bits of concrete...(Read Full Post)