Is Herman Cain the left's worst nightmare?

Politico, which pretends to be a nonpartisan website while harboring three members of the infamous JourNoList conspiracy to shape news to favor Obama, has revealed how deeply it and the Democrats fear Herman Cain.  American Glob noticed that in pictorial display of the GOP presidential field, Politico somehow managed to include Huntsman and Santorum, but omit Herman Cain's beautiful black face. Here is their screen capture:   This is more than odd, considering that Herman Cain now leads the GOP field, according to Zogby's latest poll: Rick Perry has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month among Republican presidential primary voters and is now second to Herman Cain, who leads the field with 28%. Mitt Romney received little benefit from Perrys (sic) fall, garnering 17% of the vote for third place. Coming in the wake of President Obama's rebuke of the Congressional Black Caucus and Mad Max Waters' pushback, the Politico gambit reveals how deeply...(Read Full Post)