In UN speech, Abbas adopts Arafat's blood-soaked legacy

In his 40-minute address to the UN General Assembly, Mahmoud Abbas positioned himself squarely as a disciple of the blood-soaked legacy and agenda of Yasser Arafat. All that was missing was Arafat's military uniform.Early on in his speech, Abbas proudly recalled Arafat's 1974 threatening words when he stood at the podium of the General Assembly, with a gun holster in one hand and an olive branch in the other -- "Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand." The clear implication being that Israel's choice was and remains between surrender to all Palestinian demands or face a wave of violenceAbbas, like Arafat, spoke in my-way-or-the-highway terms. There wasn't a scintilla of flexibility in his address. Just the opposite:--In dealing with the peace process, Abbas put the entire blame on Israel for lack of negotiations.--At the same, he demanded one-sided Israeli concessions, including a building freeze in Jewish areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, before he would deign to...(Read Full Post)