Health insurance costs rise sharply - again

Given the 9% rise this past year in health insurance premiums, when are we going to get revised estimates for Obamacare subsidies? Recall that the government is going to pick up a chunk of the insurance tab for those 133% above the poverty line and below. The  estimated cost of the program was about $1 trillion over 10 years. So what does this rise - after we were told that passage of the bill would "bend the cost curve down" - mean for the overall cost of Obamacare? How much more in subsidies are we going to have to pony up? How much higher can the cost of insurance go before we are bankrupting ourselves? Time: Over the last decade, however, employees have steadily been paying more for their employer-sponsored premiums: The Kaiser report shows that since 2001, overall family insurance premiums have risen 113% (from $7,061 to $15,073 annually), while the amount workers contribute to these premiums via deductions from a paycheck have soared 131% over the 2001-2011 span ($1,787 to...(Read Full Post)